Thursday, 14 February 2013

First walk on the roads

Today i took him for his first potter on the roads. Geared up with my hat and lunge line i set out.
Considering we had to walk past Sherry in her field, trotting around, then met the bin lorry (interesting) and then met other horsey friends on the way back....He was bloody perfect. Unless he was just in shock and had no idea what was happening. will only find out tomorrow!

13th - 14th February. Sticky back

He has been really chatty and quite happy. Really enjoying a good scratch and a groom to get rid of all his hair. He's moulting like mad! but its all sticking to the excess glue from where his dressing was stuck. Going to give it a really good bathe tomorrow morning to see if i can get rid of some of it, but i don't want to irritate his skin around that area too much as it still looks a little tender.

Just some recent photos i've taken over the past couple of days :)

12th February 2nd lot of stitches out!

Wooo! last lot of stitches out today! David arrived at 12 on the dot and removed them within seconds. Mentioned that Adam is his star patient :)
A couple of them were quite deep which was uncomfortable for him but he grinned and bared it.
Walked him in the indoor school today for 10 mins. Tripped over his own front feet but managed to survive!
His front legs were a little swollen so i banaged front and backs today.
Only thing i've noticed recently is that he's getting a little box proud and is scowling at people he doesnt know too well. He is totally fine with me which pleases me but seems to really hate men!?

10th - 11th February. Running the grand national. not.

Been walking Adam in my lunch breaks mainly for 5 mins at the moment. Don't want to over do it and he acts as though he has just ran the grand national. It completely kills him! But as usual he has been faultless and hasn't let me down yet. Im still bandaging him through the day and it really does keep his legs from filling.

He hates being woken up in the mornings and makes him grumpy (i would be!)
He seems to enjoy having company during my lunch breaks and prefers to eat my lunch rather than his hay which usually consists of crisps and a wrap.

As usual he was pretty grumpy in the evening so i mucked him out and hayed him, and left him to it.

9th February. First walk in the school

Today i walked him in the indoor school for the first time.
He did quite alot of tail swishing and head shaking but i think he is still trying to get used to the feeling of the tightness of the skin etc.
Lisa came up with me and gave me a hand etc. Gave us lots of cuddles after his walk and was in the cutest mood! So happy to see him like a normal horse now, not the grumpy scary thing i started to see earlier in the year.

Made him look very silly by putting gloves on his ears and putting a scarf around his ears to make him look indian. Hes so tolerant!

Also quite good at impersonating E.T ...

8th February stitches out!

Ads had his stitches out today. Stood like an angel, without any sedation i'd like to add! Actually, throughout this whole process he hasn't touched it at all!

David took out every other stitch and said he was really pleased with how the wound was looking and how well it was healing. So pleased!

and the biggest bonus, no more drugs and no more dressings! the wound is healed enough now to go naked and just have his rug on top.
I went down to Dittiscombe Equestrian for the day to help Emily Farleigh with her event horses and returned to walk him in the school properly for the first time. He did a funny little hop thing and head shook alot, but apart from that, he was perfect.

His back with every other stitch removed.

Side profile.

Overall, Really really pleased!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

5-6 February

Really cute mood this morning!
I managed to change his dressing on my own at lunch time and he was a star! starting to prove how much he trusts me now.

As you can see, its quite crusty and manky looking. but its healing really well and the wither area is starting to look more promising. He loves having it scratched so much!

Less happy the day after though. I was on the yard earlier than usual as i had a dressage competition up at Stockland lovell so had to leave the yard earlier than usual. So that involved waking up the sleeping beauty and he was not best pleased! So he proceeded to make horrible faces at me whilst i mucked him out and did his bandages before i left (getting alot of bandage practice in now! good for my stage 3!)
He was a little less grumpy in the evening, but left him in peace to eat his hay. Which i might add if anyone is wondering... its on the floor to encourage the opening of his spine. and boy...have i read some debates on the H&H forums about this haha!

Cannot wait to get him walking out so he has something to think about. Stitches out soon!

4th February (Last day of bute?!)

Or not... David my vet wants him to be on pain relief until he has his stitches out, so another 4 days of squirting drugs up the walls.

He was blessed with some sunshine into his stable today which he thoroughly enjoyed. Nice to see him happy!

3rd February

Not too bad Am,
I managed to squirt his drugs across the yard in the morning and the evening. you should see his stable. its horrific.
He's been really noisy all day today. chatting away at people (mainly asking for food) and seems quite chirpy. Bought him out of the box and let him potter down the drive for some grass. As usual, he was faultless. but looked like an old man on his feet. poor little bugger.

Kept him bandaged during the day as usual.

Starting to see a pattern of grumpiness in the evenings now. Usually he's grumpy if i have arrived at the yard before he has his head over the door in the mornings. Also i think he settles down in the evenings and then i crack on al the lights and skip the poor bugger out for the third time. Poor sod, probably bored of seeing my face.

2nd February

Little grumpy in the morning.
Changed his dressing again and its looking alot better. Gave the surrounding area a really good clean with the surgical spirit to remove the glue off his skin. funnily enough it sticks like glue and its really hard to budge. On the up side though...he loves having it done and makes a stupid face when you rub it. He's only dipping his back when i put the freezing cold surgical spirit on or when something is tickling him so to me that seems good!

Went away for the day, and came back to another peeling off dressing. Getting used to this now and just keep sticking bits and bobs onto it to avoid anything getting inside it. still pretty frustrating though.

To top it off, my brand new Roma stable boots broke. The velcro just snapped off in my hand, so i've stable bandaged him up until i manage to get them replaced.

31st January

Yet again...the dressing has come loose!
aaaaah! its been on for just a day and i can't seem to keep it stuck on! So i called B&W and they suggested using some Elastoplast to secure it.
So i drove down to my local vets to buy some. Stick it on....and it peels right off again. Great.
So i've considered using duck tape...? no i didn't think so either.

30th January

Grumpy Am, really snakey until i got the treats out. Little monkey! Groomed him again this morning, and he gradually came around to the idea.

His dressing had become really loose so i changed it over my lunch break with Morgan holding him. Yet again he was faultless and even stretched back to have a look at what i was up to and gave me a little muzzle.

He came out to graze again today, having to be careful as the weather has been grotty and i dont want him getting drenched through. He walked out much better too, so fingers crossed for now!

29th January

Really happy boy this morning.
I gave him a good scratch and got rid of all the crusty bits of skin and mankyness in his coat. He loved it! and actually groomed me back! actually had to push him away due to teeth getting a little too close to comfort! In the 6 years i've owned him, he has never done that before. So i'll take it as a good sign.

He's been fairly chatty all day and is quite happy to say hello to everyone on the yard. He has a lovely corner box which is right on the yard, so he can watch all the comings and goings. keeps him entertained! Although he gets a little shouty when his neighbour Sophie goes for a lesson!
I've kept up the stable boots on his hinds in the day time and removing them at night, this seems to be really helping the swelling.

He came out for a graze this evening and devoured the grass. Little pottery on his feet as he had his shoes taken off for surgery. I don't see the point of putting them back on until he's walking out. doesn't seem fair to put him through it quite yet!

Overal, a good day and enjoyed sitting with him over my lunch break :)

28th January

He was in a bit of a foul mood this morning. He hates having his drugs done and dreads it when i put my blue gloves on! (antibiotics highly toxic so can't get it on my skin or breathe it in...winner)

His dressing is proving to be annoying to keep on! so i've added extra strips onto it to secure it. Hes been really good about me being around his back and doesn't seem too fussed about the whole situation. Also kept up the aloe vera which he seems to really like. His back feels really hot when i take his rug off, probably something to do with the pain, so i think he really enjoys having it put it on :)

My attempt at keeping the dressing stuck down! 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

27th January

He was quite grumpy this morning. His hind legs were looking a little fat so put on his stable wraps for the day.
Changed his dressing at lunch time with Jodie holding him. Really good boy! didnt mind me being around his back!

His back is starting to look less savage. looks alot neater! I aloe vera'd the surrounding skin that looks quite sore and he enjoyed that! :)

He sun bathed most of the day and was quite chatty during the day. Usually when he had run out of food!
I bought him out of his box for a graze and he didn't even think about being naughty! but closed the gate just in case ;)

Sorry for the rubbishy photos!

struggled to get drugs down him as usual, hes clocking onto his routine with them and hides at the back of his box! little monkey! but overall im really really pleased!

26th January

So adam has been at home for a day.
I came up to the yard at 8.30 to feed and muck him out.
I tried to mix his bute and antibiotics into his feed but he's too clever and refused to eat it. even with molasses in it!
fussy pony!

His legs where fine, not yet swollen and the dressing seems to be sticking nicely this morning. He only has his heavy weight rug on rather than his medium and heavy on. Realised that his meduim weight rug lining was sticking to the dressing, so removed it and seems better!

Left him to it during the day to have a snooze and returned later in the evening.

Had to double dose him earlier in the day at about 11am because he didn't eat all his feed (administered through a syringe) so did the same in the evening. Then i know i've got it down him!

He still seemed happy in the evening and tried to bow for me (trick i taught him years ago). Bless him...nice to know he's still feeling himself!

Quite pleased! :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25th January

Today was the day! Pick Adam up after being hospitalised for 3 days post op.
Arrived really early and they showed me how to change his dressing.
I couldn't believe how well behaved he was in the establishment! so many things for him to spook at and he was amazing! I think he quite liked it really :) luxury!

He loaded perfectly and travelled well as usual, until we broke down AGAIN! This time i was a little more stressed about the situation as i had a fairly poorly horse in the back! Same tyre, different problem.
Called the AA again (who were amazing!) and managed to get home by lunch time.

They sent me home with a goody bag full of drugs, antibiotics and dressing bits and bobs. Being the anal freak i am, i took this as an opportunity to organise it in a smashing Tupperware box! love Tupperware!

He settled well, whilst i whipped to Tesco to buy some bits and bobs for him to give him some quiet time to settle.
returned to the yard to give him his second course of antibiotics and painkillers. As i have previously found he is quite fussy with things in his feed so decided to syringe it. All drugged, eating and drinking fine but not many droppings in his stable! He was also puffing very fast and looked very unhappy at the back of his box. Poor guy had another stressful trip down, but he was eating and drinking which made the situation a little better!

I called the vets to ask if he had previously been puffing at all and they said he hadn't, so i stayed with him until he passed a proper, wet dropping.

After an hour, i've never been so glad to see a horse turd!

The dressing was slightly peeling away at the wither but decided he had been through enough that day so left him to it with his hay on the floor.

Yet again, said our good byes and had a worry filled night. Luckily he's kept on a livery yard where they get checked late evening, so my mind was put to rest.

The run up...

I have owned Adam since his was 6. He is now 12 in April 2013.

During 2012 he started to go down hill rapidly. Rearing, bolting in the school, napping and scowling whilst being brushed. This was so out of character for my boy, i decided to get him really checked over by a vet. Unfortunately the first vet who saw him did not think kissing spine was his problem, and it wasn't until he really started to be quite dangerous, that i called in a second opinion.
He was refereed in September 2012 for scans on his spine. He was dragging his right hind leg behind him whilst being ridden and constantly went disunited on the right rein in canter. As well as the rearing every time i asked him to bend right.

After the first lot of scans, my vet suggested that he had kissing spine in his lumbar vertebrae (although his scanner was not strong enough to scan deep enough to confirm this)
My next step was to inform my insurance company of what my next step was. My vet refereed me to Sven Kold from B and W equine clinic in Gloucester. I'd heard really great stuff about this guy so knew i was probably going to be looked after!

My insurance company argued with me for 4 months and i finally won my claim on my birthday! december 11th! best birthday present ever...

So i had Sven kold visit my local veterinary clinic and he scanned him again. Unfortunately it was a lot worse than i thought and he actually had impinging dorsal spinous of T13, T15 and T17. Not alot could of prepared me for that news! He told me there was no point in injecting as he was too far gone and too severe. So he suggested surgery. I hadn't made myself think about this situation until l  was in i had alot of thinking to do!

My gut told me to go ahead with the surgery. So i called B and W on the monday, and booked him in for 2 weeks time. Giving me the time to organise transport etc.

His rugs were cleaned and gutted his stable ready for him to come home to. Luckily a old friend and riding instructor offered to take me up, this lessoned my stress! She's a very chilled person to be around, thank god.

He travelled up on the monday to be operated on sometime tuesday. I kept doubting myself and going a little bit insane about whether i was doing the right thing and i was sure things kept telling me i was wrong! On the way up to Gloucester, our 3 hour journey actually took 7 hours up and 3 hours back after a flat tyre 15 mins away from home. Gutted. so Adam sat on the A38 in the snow waiting for recovery for a good 3 hours! He was a complete star!

Finally got there and said our good byes, he was very tired and relieved to be somewhere warm and cosy!