Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25th January

Today was the day! Pick Adam up after being hospitalised for 3 days post op.
Arrived really early and they showed me how to change his dressing.
I couldn't believe how well behaved he was in the establishment! so many things for him to spook at and he was amazing! I think he quite liked it really :) luxury!

He loaded perfectly and travelled well as usual, until we broke down AGAIN! This time i was a little more stressed about the situation as i had a fairly poorly horse in the back! Same tyre, different problem.
Called the AA again (who were amazing!) and managed to get home by lunch time.

They sent me home with a goody bag full of drugs, antibiotics and dressing bits and bobs. Being the anal freak i am, i took this as an opportunity to organise it in a smashing Tupperware box! love Tupperware!

He settled well, whilst i whipped to Tesco to buy some bits and bobs for him to give him some quiet time to settle.
returned to the yard to give him his second course of antibiotics and painkillers. As i have previously found he is quite fussy with things in his feed so decided to syringe it. All drugged, eating and drinking fine but not many droppings in his stable! He was also puffing very fast and looked very unhappy at the back of his box. Poor guy had another stressful trip down, but he was eating and drinking which made the situation a little better!

I called the vets to ask if he had previously been puffing at all and they said he hadn't, so i stayed with him until he passed a proper, wet dropping.

After an hour, i've never been so glad to see a horse turd!

The dressing was slightly peeling away at the wither but decided he had been through enough that day so left him to it with his hay on the floor.

Yet again, said our good byes and had a worry filled night. Luckily he's kept on a livery yard where they get checked late evening, so my mind was put to rest.

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