Saturday, 11 January 2014

29th Dec - 11 Jan - Frisky but schooling and jumping brilliantly!

I appear to have a very frisky Scaddy on my hands....he is now certainly moving forwards! I haven't hacked him recently on his own. I joined the livery yard owner on her young lad who was a great baby sitter. Adam behaved well through the village etc.
Schooling is positive. He is picking up his simple changes again and we have been working on walk to canter. Only riding every other day or lunging. Seems to be working well as he's not fizzy, but not dead and bored. I feel alot less pressured and forced to ride everyday so am enjoying him alot more!
His buddy krystal goes home tomorrow. Sad to see her go and I'm sure he is going to be devistated :( so have bought him a mirror to keep him happy in the stable. Fingers cross I'll be able to get him back out in the field soon!
I jumped him today for the first time in months! He was bloody keen to begin with, and I was pretty nervous about the situation. He has never ever taken me to a jump, it's been a challenge and a struggle to get him forward and enjoying it. But gosh, I think I've found he new love!! He landed, put his head between his knees and I could feel a cheeky few bucks brewingn. Eventually he stopped doing this, and actually jumped really nicely! Even if he did plough through the related distance.
So overal I'm really pleased with him at the moment.
 I'd like to give him another holiday soon, so thats next on the books! :)
Cannot wait for spring!! Need Sun! 



Meeting 'Steve' before Krystal leaves. 

Looking quite cute!