Friday, 24 May 2013

19th - 24th May. First few hacks.

So we are still going good!

We went for a few hacks in company with lovely Silly (officially Adams grandma now) and he behaved so so well! attempted to sit on her a few times but got to grips with what i wanted after a few stern words.

Tried our first hack on our own and he walked straight out the yard. Makes a difference from back in August when he used to refuse to leave the yard and rear. His ears where forward around the whole hack and i simply couldn't fault him! Walking out so well and striding up his hills!

We even went to play with the trains and he didn't seem to mind!

Still keeping up our pessoa work (although he did tell me he prefers to get out and about now).

Looking forward to being able to trot and canter him and seeing what he feels like! very very exciting! never been so excited to ride my horse! :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

23rd March - 19th May. I can get back on!!!

So i have been so busy i really haven't had time to write on my blog, so much has been going on and its been the last of my worries!

So we completed our 6 weeks pessoa work. Svend came down for a follow up visit, and gave me the go ahead to get on after seeing his x-rays and watching him work on the lunge.

Amy Cox (my fabulous physio who i've had ever since i've had him) advised I work him for another 4-5 weeks pessoa and long reining up hills to build up more muscle as he was still looking pretty weak behind.

She revisited last week and gave me the second go ahead to get on! Win!! She was pleased with his progress and how he was looking so thats a thumbs up!

A few photos from the past couple of months!

 His back (still looking rather scalped!)
 Very happy pony out at night now on better grass. Much less grumpy and putting on a bit of weight :)

 We had a nasty spur of colic. This is him looking very unhappy. Easily fixed by the vet (yay more bills!) and back into work the following day!

 Adam now. Looking quite fit! Taken a few weeks ago. Coat is looking really patchy and tramp like, but its starting to come through!

 my first sit on! He no caaaaaare!!

Pats for pony!!

After returning from our mini hack with Lisa on foot following behind. No napping, nothing. 

First hack in company with lovely Silly holding his hoof. Didn't put a foot wrong! Very very chuffed!!!