Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hacking beautifully and a happy physio check.

Things are so so positive.
I haven't managed to get Adam out competing much recently. With my granny passing away and family to be around, he hasn't been the top of my priorities. But hopefully partying a little more from now on. My trailer test is also on the cards!


He is hacking like a complete beaut! 95% of the time he is a different horse. He still has his testing times but with my confidence now more so in clouds rather than the sand, I am able to cope with the other 5%!

He now hacks infront! Something I never ever thought I'd manage with him. He'd either plant, stick himself into reverse gear or spin. If I questioned any of these behaviour problems, it would result in him rearing and me crapping my pants...
Now if he does any of the above, the argument is much shorter, I am much firmer and I ALWAYS win. He very very rarely has another horse take the lead these days.

For those who have known Adam since he was 5-6 or maybe even before, you will probably remember that hacking has never been his strong point. Climbing hedges, sitting on bonnets, waving frantically at cars (him not me!) And using that trusty reverse gear given any opportunity! Funny how it took me years to teach him to rein back...
I'd love you guys to see him now. He's made me very proud! Even if he is 13...
He is also schooling brilliantly...
And I can feel such a difference from using his massage pad for 30 mins before schooling. His transitions are smoother, he's softer much quicker and seems generally happier in himself.
We even managed a counter canter last week which was a real achievement! :)

Our lateral work is still 'work in progress' but it is getting there slowly. Also teaching him to cross over behind from the floor after lunging him. He's getting much better at it!

Now onto the physio! - We had our 6 month check up 2 weeks ago.
She confirmed he has no spinal pain. Just the usual little bits where his muscle is developing and changing. She was really positive with how he is going and looking and said he looks like a different horse. Holding muscle in the right places and much more compact.

We are still using Cortaflex, GastriKalm and our equilibrium products, although it is a little toasty for his magnetic back pad at the moment, very very hot in Cornwall!

Something I am excited about is a product I have just won on Hay-Net blogging site.
All I'm mentioning is that its a calmer. Nothing that I have ever heard of before and something I'm looking forward to reviewing.
I will keep you updated on this!
Hope your kissing spine horses are coping in this heat! Keep positive :)