Tuesday, 28 July 2015

July 2015 -positive steps and medication.

Finally! The belly has started to dissappear and he is looking much sounder. 

We have had joint visits with the farrier and vet which involved sorting his break over and lots of trotting up! Much to Adams disgust. He is in work full time now, which is either hacking, very lightly schooling and ride and lead.  We are aloud to trot to help strengthen his hind quarters now which he finds very exciting. But he has gradually improved, working more 'through' in his transitions and working from behind.

The biggest news is that has had finally had his coffin joint medicated. He had it done 2 weeks ago now, and so far I'm pleased with how he is moving. He is stiff to begin with, but once he gets going there is definitely some improvement.

Adams main thought content currently -

"Why have they cut the hedges? Mother is already starving me"

"Where's all the food gone?"

"Why is Cornwall so hilly?"

"I don't like my disabled paddock, no one to groom"

You get the jist...

So now we are just strengthening (including strapping) and then we will be looking at medicating his SI.

He's very much enjoying his hacking! Super boy as usual!