Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Adam schooling, Flying change

First dressage test video

8th July - 25th September. Dressage comp and new saddle.

So, I have been so so slack with updating my blog. I have recently got married and moved house, so as you can imagine i havent had huge amounts of time! But all over now so i can concentrate on life again!

Alot has happened in the past few months, we went to our first dressage competition and came first in our first class and 2nd in the other with marks in the early 70's. Never has he been so relaxed in a dressage test so I'm mega mega chuffed! Very different to how he used to behave back a few years back, we used to show the judge an awful lot of rein back and our belly button! It was never his fortae. He would get tense about being on his own, which i guess triggered the pain in his back and then he'd go nuts. So as you can probably imagine, i was very very nervous. But after finding out i'd won my first class, i just broke down into tears with happiness. Its been a long old year!!

Tried to upload a video but its massive, Ill do it another day :)


As i mentioned earlier, i have recently moved house which meant moving him again. Im now living in cornwall and I managed to reserve a space for him at a livery yard just 3 mins down the road from my new house.
It has a lovely indoor school, individual turnout, outdoor school, and beautiful hacking.

Since we have moved to Cornwall, I have finally managed to find him a new saddle. He's always had dressage saddles as i never ever jumped him due to his foul attitude towards it before his op. So had a fabulous master saddler out to see him (Ray Hinton) and he fitted a lovely brown GP to him. Which i might say myself, looks very very smart!!


Our first downfall though, he bucked on the lunge the other week and has tweaked his back, so we are now waiting for the physio so come (yet again) to fix him.
after a £100 vet bill. Nice one Ads...

Only a brief one, over and out x