Monday, 8 July 2013

29th June - 8th July. Perfect pony!

I think i can safely say, i pretty much have a perfect pony!

I can point him out the drive and he goes, I steer him into a field and he walks in calmly, he trots off when i ask him to and canters politely when asked.

I'm finding it hard to fault him! I'm having the most relaxing time hacking him out, I have learnt to be more patient with him and teach him that turning around is not an option. He turns around, i turn him back again and make him stand there on a loose rein until he chills his beans. He stops, i get my phone out and send a text until he decides to walk off again. The worst thing i can do with him is fight! It really does seem to work! So texting is my saviour!

He also had the physio this week, who seems to be happy with his progress. Just a tiny bit saddle sore, but nothing that couldnt be resolved! I'm looking into getting a GP so i can start to hopefully take off from the ground ag
ain with him. i physically cannot wait!!!

A few photos from this week. Very hot and very sunny! But lovely enjoying the evenings!

Ah yes! and we managed a clean flying change today, first attempt! Very clever pony!