Monday, 5 May 2014

19th - 30th April - Hair regrowth, building muscle and Squid arrives!

So I have a bald pony!

His hair has come through fine this year. I'm not really too sure why, he wasn't clipped late! Just a flower.

He has spent most of his week schooling. Keeping him under the thumb and behaving. Unfortunately the weather has been a bit pants, so there hasn't been many people to hack with. He needed the school :D

BUT - we are mastering turn on the forehand! I had one lesson pre op 'attempting' this tricky manover. It resulted in him bucking, leaping on the spot and then rearing vertically, so you can imagine how I felt giving this another go.
I had a lesson with Jo a few weeks ago, and she mentioned giving it a bash to get him listening to my leg and moving away from my leg a little more. She helped me on the ground by giving him a little more encouragemnt. He does it, and he doesn't kill me! Winner!
He has also been re-introduced to rein back (intentional I might add!) and he's coping with it well! So schooling wise, he has been going brilliantly.

Had a highly exciting hack with Jo last weekend, involved being chased by a bull, Adam going really quite crazy and then me VERY NEARLY dismounting. All caught on a GoPro.... super!

Bye bye Baxter :(

Some exciting news also... We have a new horse! We sadly had to say goodbye to Baxter. His tooth abscess wasn't clearing after 3 anti-biotic attempts and he just isn't right. He's gone to live out with Colin for 6 months to see if he comes right. Fingers crossed he does.
He did Lisa's confidence such good, and she's ready now to own her own again for the first time in 11 years.

He is called Calimero. I call him Squid because it sounds like Calimari.
Hes 12, 16hh and has mainly done dressage. We saw him in Southampton last weekend (after staying with the lovely Spider and Andy in Cambridgeshire) and Lisa fell in love. I also think he's quite nice ;)
I will be competing him this season, hopefully cracking on doing some dressage, then aiming to do some BE 90's with him once we have been XC schooling and show jumping a few times :) Lisa will be competing him also, in her own time doing what she fancies :)


And of course... Adam will still be going to his parties, strutting his stuff.

Adam has lost some condition. So to get him looking his best, he is now having EquiJewl in his feed. Hopefully this will build him up for the showing season. 

Adams attempt at pulling his shoe off in the field. Fail.