Saturday, 21 February 2015

February 2015 - Finally in the field and saddle fitting.

Whoooopie! Adam is finally in the field!
He has finally settled down and has his own little paddock to chill in. About the size of a postage stamp but it keeps him sane!

We have also had the saddle fitter out....he is now a wide ;/ Little fatty! So I will be selling my year old saddle and looking for something that has a changeable gullet. VSD, Cob type. I am not planning on getting on quite yet. I want him to be on field rest for at least a month to just get used to being outside and seeing things again. Once I feel he is ready, I will take him out with Mero ride and lead which I'm sure he will enjoy!

I don't miss anything more at the moment then just going for a plod on my little man.

Enjoying some winter sunshine at last.


Summer memories of sunshine! Hurry up summer!