Tuesday, 3 March 2015

March 1st 2015 - Sneaky little sit on.

so, another vet visit on Friday, to confirm that I can start doing some really light work with him.
My super vet is happy with the ways things are going, although he'd still like to see a better angle in his left fore. But the improvement he has made since september is incredible.

Adam hates my vet. Well and truly makes him feel very unloved! I cannot blame the monster, but he has met him quite a few times now! Enough to chill the hell out! Fool!
So the vet continued to wrap his arms around his neck, awaiting a less scowley face. 80% Successful!

I took him for a drag with Mero that day, thinking perhaps he'd be at least slightly excited at the prospect of going out the drive. Nah! cool as a cucumber. He looked more comfortable down hills and seemed 90% sound most of the way around. Apart from waving his head at Mero and trying to wee on every grass verge we passed.

I long reined him a few days after. Complete gent and didn't put a foot wrong. He now has a need saddle (whoops!) and I had a sneaky sit on for the first time since september. A legend as usual!