Saturday, 14 June 2014

May - June 2014 - Muscle is appearing and competing!

Its been a while...!

First off - building up Adams top line and preparing him for the show ring...

Here are some photos of our problems following on from my last post!

He had a bump in the trailer 

And another bump in the trailer!

And not holding quite enough top line for the show ring.

So what did I do about it? 
I bought a fantastic product from Shiny Show Horse which encourages hair growth. I had read some good reviews on it online, and had already tried another product which I didn't find very helpful!
I used Shapleys Original MTG to get the face scrapes to grow back, and also put it on his sides where his hair had rubbed from my leg. If you're a regular reader, you will probably remember my gaiter zip rubbed and dug at him one day in the school, I think I have a uber sensitive horse. After all he is p/b Arab! Fine hair!

The Shapleys Original MTG is fantastic. Within a few days I could see new little hairs sprouting through his skin. It is oily so it didn't show up when I had applied it. It smells a bit funny but they do a version which has a more pleasant smell, but I am not too worried! It also bought back the hair on his neck where his reins had rubbed him (such a flower!) as well as having fleecy covers for his we have been supporting the race horse look! The rubs from where my leg sits is still work in progress, but it certainly looks better!

Then moving onto his weight and top line. 
He wasn't looking his best - He looked fantastic a few months back when he started to muscle up, but his work load increased and I didn't (at the time) feel the need to increase his food as he was on good grass and hay. I also tried and tested a few suppliments to see if I could make his  tummy a little more comfortable.
I genuinly believe that he has probably got ulcers. I wont get him scoped to be told if he has them or not, I just treat him as though he has them. Ever since he had his kissing spine oporation, he has coliced quite easily, especially when going onto new grass. He also used to get very gassy. He'd come in from being in the field puffing and almost burping. Sometimes I would be riding him and I could feel the burp passing through him underneath me - and voila! a horsey burp! very bizarre. He has also previously been very gassy.

First I tried NAF hayledge ballencer which was reccomened to me by someone in a shop. I fed a tub of it and didn't see a huge difference. 
A friend who also has a horse with a sensitive stomach recommended Equus Health's GastroKalm.
Adam is almost like a new horse with this stuff! He is now on his second tub and allows me to brush him stomach, girth him up with minimal problems and seems generally happier and more coaperative to ride. And he doesn't get burpy and colicy!
Overal I am really pleased with the results, and it is well worth the money!
Incase your interested, this is the write up on their website-

Gastro-Kalm is the ultimate gut filter absorbing gasses and toxins within the stomach. It can help with diarrhoea, the build up of gasses, stress colic, gastric ulcers and laminitis. These issues affect 50% of foals, 58% of show horses, 67% of endurance horses, 75% of eventers and 93% of racehorses. 500g is enough for 1 months maintance supply.

I have also been feeding him Equi-Jewl. I have previously fed him this a few years ago when he was in hard work and wasn't quite holding what I wanted him to hold!
I've used three quarters of the bag, and the results are amazing! It is high in oil so makes his coat look super shiny and is a slow release energy feed so doesn't make him stupid. 
Before and after - 


And as you can see from the photos above, we have been out competing a bit!

He came 2nd and 3rd at a riding club show. First show on grass for a long time! Was very forward going in the first class, and spent majority of the time attempting to wee in the second class. He was ridden by the judge and behaved beautifully. I was a very proud mother! 

2nd show was at Tall Trees again. He warmed up beautifully in the indoor arena. Didn't let me down yet again. Came home with 3 firsts in large hack, small riding horse and P/B arab. Qualified for Equifest, SPWA and Cricklands. What a super super boy I have. 
He is a true superstar!