Tuesday, 12 February 2013

26th January

So adam has been at home for a day.
I came up to the yard at 8.30 to feed and muck him out.
I tried to mix his bute and antibiotics into his feed but he's too clever and refused to eat it. even with molasses in it!
fussy pony!

His legs where fine, not yet swollen and the dressing seems to be sticking nicely this morning. He only has his heavy weight rug on rather than his medium and heavy on. Realised that his meduim weight rug lining was sticking to the dressing, so removed it and seems better!

Left him to it during the day to have a snooze and returned later in the evening.

Had to double dose him earlier in the day at about 11am because he didn't eat all his feed (administered through a syringe) so did the same in the evening. Then i know i've got it down him!

He still seemed happy in the evening and tried to bow for me (trick i taught him years ago). Bless him...nice to know he's still feeling himself!

Quite pleased! :)

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