Tuesday, 12 February 2013

27th January

He was quite grumpy this morning. His hind legs were looking a little fat so put on his stable wraps for the day.
Changed his dressing at lunch time with Jodie holding him. Really good boy! didnt mind me being around his back!

His back is starting to look less savage. looks alot neater! I aloe vera'd the surrounding skin that looks quite sore and he enjoyed that! :)

He sun bathed most of the day and was quite chatty during the day. Usually when he had run out of food!
I bought him out of his box for a graze and he didn't even think about being naughty! but closed the gate just in case ;)

Sorry for the rubbishy photos!

struggled to get drugs down him as usual, hes clocking onto his routine with them and hides at the back of his box! little monkey! but overall im really really pleased!