Thursday, 14 February 2013

12th February 2nd lot of stitches out!

Wooo! last lot of stitches out today! David arrived at 12 on the dot and removed them within seconds. Mentioned that Adam is his star patient :)
A couple of them were quite deep which was uncomfortable for him but he grinned and bared it.
Walked him in the indoor school today for 10 mins. Tripped over his own front feet but managed to survive!
His front legs were a little swollen so i banaged front and backs today.
Only thing i've noticed recently is that he's getting a little box proud and is scowling at people he doesnt know too well. He is totally fine with me which pleases me but seems to really hate men!?


  1. Haha, your horse prefers women? Takes after his Mother! Hello by the way (((((: love the blog!

    1. Indeed he does. especially mummy Lisa!

    2. Indeed he does. especially mummy Lisa!