Thursday, 14 February 2013

8th February stitches out!

Ads had his stitches out today. Stood like an angel, without any sedation i'd like to add! Actually, throughout this whole process he hasn't touched it at all!

David took out every other stitch and said he was really pleased with how the wound was looking and how well it was healing. So pleased!

and the biggest bonus, no more drugs and no more dressings! the wound is healed enough now to go naked and just have his rug on top.
I went down to Dittiscombe Equestrian for the day to help Emily Farleigh with her event horses and returned to walk him in the school properly for the first time. He did a funny little hop thing and head shook alot, but apart from that, he was perfect.

His back with every other stitch removed.

Side profile.

Overall, Really really pleased!