Wednesday, 13 February 2013

5-6 February

Really cute mood this morning!
I managed to change his dressing on my own at lunch time and he was a star! starting to prove how much he trusts me now.

As you can see, its quite crusty and manky looking. but its healing really well and the wither area is starting to look more promising. He loves having it scratched so much!

Less happy the day after though. I was on the yard earlier than usual as i had a dressage competition up at Stockland lovell so had to leave the yard earlier than usual. So that involved waking up the sleeping beauty and he was not best pleased! So he proceeded to make horrible faces at me whilst i mucked him out and did his bandages before i left (getting alot of bandage practice in now! good for my stage 3!)
He was a little less grumpy in the evening, but left him in peace to eat his hay. Which i might add if anyone is wondering... its on the floor to encourage the opening of his spine. and boy...have i read some debates on the H&H forums about this haha!

Cannot wait to get him walking out so he has something to think about. Stitches out soon!