Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3rd February

Not too bad Am,
I managed to squirt his drugs across the yard in the morning and the evening. you should see his stable. its horrific.
He's been really noisy all day today. chatting away at people (mainly asking for food) and seems quite chirpy. Bought him out of the box and let him potter down the drive for some grass. As usual, he was faultless. but looked like an old man on his feet. poor little bugger.

Kept him bandaged during the day as usual.

Starting to see a pattern of grumpiness in the evenings now. Usually he's grumpy if i have arrived at the yard before he has his head over the door in the mornings. Also i think he settles down in the evenings and then i crack on al the lights and skip the poor bugger out for the third time. Poor sod, probably bored of seeing my face.