Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2nd February

Little grumpy in the morning.
Changed his dressing again and its looking alot better. Gave the surrounding area a really good clean with the surgical spirit to remove the glue off his skin. funnily enough it sticks like glue and its really hard to budge. On the up side though...he loves having it done and makes a stupid face when you rub it. He's only dipping his back when i put the freezing cold surgical spirit on or when something is tickling him so to me that seems good!

Went away for the day, and came back to another peeling off dressing. Getting used to this now and just keep sticking bits and bobs onto it to avoid anything getting inside it. still pretty frustrating though.

To top it off, my brand new Roma stable boots broke. The velcro just snapped off in my hand, so i've stable bandaged him up until i manage to get them replaced.

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