Wednesday, 13 February 2013

29th January

Really happy boy this morning.
I gave him a good scratch and got rid of all the crusty bits of skin and mankyness in his coat. He loved it! and actually groomed me back! actually had to push him away due to teeth getting a little too close to comfort! In the 6 years i've owned him, he has never done that before. So i'll take it as a good sign.

He's been fairly chatty all day and is quite happy to say hello to everyone on the yard. He has a lovely corner box which is right on the yard, so he can watch all the comings and goings. keeps him entertained! Although he gets a little shouty when his neighbour Sophie goes for a lesson!
I've kept up the stable boots on his hinds in the day time and removing them at night, this seems to be really helping the swelling.

He came out for a graze this evening and devoured the grass. Little pottery on his feet as he had his shoes taken off for surgery. I don't see the point of putting them back on until he's walking out. doesn't seem fair to put him through it quite yet!

Overal, a good day and enjoyed sitting with him over my lunch break :)