Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May 2015 - Loosing the tummy, and an amazing difference with the vet.

Firstly, I'd like to mention how happy Adam is. he is almost a different horse. Still out all the time, very happy to be groomed, girthed, scratched, made a fuss of. I am very very relieved, as he was a very unhappy chappy at his old yard.

AND! you may remember me mentioning how much he hates my vet?

"Adam hates my vet. Well and truly makes him feel very unloved! I cannot blame the monster, but he has met him quite a few times now! Enough to chill the hell out! Fool!
So the vet continued to wrap his arms around his neck, awaiting a less scowley face. 80% Successful!"

He was good as gold! What a difference a happy, relaxed horse makes! 
Vet sent me a selfie photo....


So the reason I had the vet out was partly check on his progress and also show my concerns for a bump which has appeared in his lumber region on his back.
He has SI pain, so I am no longer able to ride him until the physio visits on the 19th May. This seems so so far away! but I am sure it will come around quickly. This would explain why he has been so unsettled down hills. So good to have an answer. So I now have to build up his muscle, without lunging and without riding. So I taking him out with Mero, ride and lead, as well as strapping him everyday. I'm going to be super toned! and hopefully so will he! 

So the diet has started!

Thanks for reading!