Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fat fighters fitness club!

Only a quick update!
Adam has been on a strict fat fighters programme for around two weeks now. He is coming out every day with Mero for an hours hack in hand. I am very lucky to have such well behaved horses! I Have led them both through open fields, bridle paths and past combines recently and they are just perfect!

Although Adam doesn't seem to be able to resist eating the whole contents of the hedge which slightly defeats the point! He has also had new shoes, and hopefully this will be his last pair of remedial shoes! He will be xrayed at the end of the month and we should then be able to make some more decisions on whether I can either take him barefoot or go back to a more simple shoe with some heel support. We shall see how he goes,  but he needs to see the physio before anything else happens!

Thanks for reading :)