Monday, 27 April 2015

Our first adventure in the woods and swimming in the river!

I am not sure how I have avoided it, but Adam had never ever been in the woods. So I had a brave day, and thought we could give it a go! His saddle was fitted a few days before, so I felt happier to sit on him for longer!
I knew he'd probably ask me some questions down there as there is alot of water.  But I won. As usual! He also learnt to walk over a stile. He was fairly argumentative about it to begin with, but decided that it was actually easier to just go over it. The second one he flew and was very pleased with himself. He is funny!
Pheobe, Sarah's lovely horse was very very patient with him. The hardest thing is just wanting to give him a good blast and blow out the cob webs. He is very very fresh at the moment and really could do with more work at speed to tire him out! He just runs off adrenaline! But sadly he isn't aloud to do anything quicker than walking at the moment.
I also took him swimming in shallow pool the week before. The tide was high, and it was utterly bizarre riding in such deep water! It took him a little bit of getting used to! But he eventually got there. Needless to say he argued again!
I now have the vet revisiting him on Friday. He is overweight, and I am struggling to keep it off him because his work load is minimal. His saddle slips forward down hills (now purchased an anti slip pad) and he is very very keen.
So my next plan - buy some calmer, and move forward with the vet!
We have now had Mero for a year, who has been a super confidence giver for myself after Adams terrible behaviour over the years. And also for Lisa to ride and enjoy. He is working beautifully now, working up to Adv Medium at home and is a pleasure to train! We did our first BD event last week, and achieved a very respectable 66.5 in our novice and 67.5 in our elementary! Came home with a first and second. Very pleased and must write a separate post on this!

Thanks for reading :)