Thursday, 9 April 2015

Moved yards and those feet are looking better! April 2015

Adam and I have lots of changes recently. He has moved to a different yard which so far has been a really positive thing to do! My reasons for doing this have made a huge difference to his wellbeing. 

He is now out all the time. The hacking is quieter and more 'disabled' friendly and its alot quieter. 
The difference in him is amazing!! He is chirpy all the time, he is loving the hacking and he's socialising with other horses. 
Him being out all the time is helping his mobility, he feels much more freer in his movement and he's happy to girth and be ridden. I believe this is something to do with having access to food all the time and keeping his stomach as happy as possible. 
When we first moved, I gradually turned him out for longer periods of time trying to get his stomach used to the vast amounts of grass which he now has available. Yes he is looking a little rounder than i'd like him, but its difficult to manage his weight when he is only ridden a few times a week at the most. He isn't quite at the obese stage yet though! I think the move is something I should of done months ago! 

Here are some photos of him at his new yard, enjoying his new life style. 

Then a little update on his feet. He has just had the farrier and he is pleased with how much heel growth he has manage to achieve. It was the first time in months I had seen him without shoes on, and I can see a real difference. Last time the vet visited and did x-rays, his pedal bone was creeping out of that horrid minus angle that he had previously, so I am hoping the next visit is going to be really good news and we may be able to start injections into his coffin joint. 

He has hacked twice at his new home, and for the people who have followed this blog for a long time, you will know that he was a chronic rearer when hacking. He wouldn't go out in front, any questions would created huge problems. Our first hack at our new home was around the small triangle. I have rode and led him around it once which was very successful! When the weather became calmer and sunnier, I took him out in company with Mero, and he was totally faultless. He walked out infront the whole way, worked in a good contact and felt so so happy. 

Yesterday we tackled our next hack. This one is about an hours ride at just walk. It quiet, but theres a few things that would of raised some questions. He had to walk through a deep river, which is creeping above his knees. He was a little unsure, and slightly confused but he went in and had a little beverage before continuing his ride. Yet another brake through, and despite the fact that he had no idea where he was going, and what was around the next corner, he walked out in front the whole way with me having to work my socks off. I actually had to slow him down! Totally different horse. 

I am glad he is feeling happier, and it is a weight off my shoulders knowing he is out and enjoying himself. Onwards and upwards for a fantastic summer, hacking and splashing in the river! 

Thanks for reading!