Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The sun is shining!

Woohooooo! We finally have sunshine!

Adam is now out in the field in the day time (finally) and his new friend Baxter has joined the family. Who is already proving to be a grandad for Adam! He leads across our massive field like an angel! At the moment, he is being led along side Adam and they are both good as gold :) 

We are still using our Equilibrium massage pad and magnetic pad. He feels so much more relaxed when girthing him up. He is also proving to go better in the school, although most of our exercise has been hacking recently! But boy, he feels loose! We are now on the medium setting!

I hacked again on Sunday. I met Jo further away from the yard this time. We ventured down to the bottom of the bridle path (involving a fair amount of water) and met her at the bottom! He was faultless...

We then went for a long ride in the sunshine, Jo took the lead for our first canter in company in many years, he bucked and then got on with it. We went down quite an overgrown bridle path which involved leaning down and forward a lot to avoid the overgrowth. Adam saw this as an awesome opportunity to walk a little quick, then maybe have a trot. In this process i got strangled by a bramble (got the cuts round my neck to prove it!) and then whacked in the face by a branch. So my face has been sore to say the least!
But we then cantered back up the track (after getting stuck mid way down because of a fallen tree) and Adam took the lead! he was strong, but not silly...and most of all...he stayed in front with no excuses! yaaay! We then got dropped at the bottom of the bridle path again, and he walked back very chilled. Even had a sneaky beverage from the stream! 

So overall, I'm fairly pleased. The hacking is coming along. Tomorrow i will be attempting our first hack in company away from Jo, so we shall see how that goes!