Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hacking, Equilibrium and Adams new friend

This week has been an interesting one with Adam.
We went for another hack alone during the week, which didn't start off very well! We met a tractor at the top of the road which he really made an episode about. finally got him past it (at quite a high speed) after trying for 10 mins. Ruth-1 Adam -0....
He then had a 'moment' on one of the busier roads because there was a terrifying car in the field. Again after nearly loosing my temper, i won!
Although he wasn't perfect, he did the things I have been working on with Jo. Walked straight through the fords etc.

I hacked with Jo again yesterday, and he was nearly faultless. I had taught her a lesson before hand, so had to drag him in from the field and hop on.
He walked all the way down the bridle path in front, nearly walked all the way around the hack in front, and then came through the big ford in front again. woohooooo!

He's been schooling well too. I have been putting his Equilibrium pad on before I ride if I have the time and if not, he will always have it on afterwards.
He feels a lot more supple and 'warmed up' when I get on him now. So far, I'm really pleased with how he is responding. I am borrowing a camera next week so hopefully I'll manage to get some photos of him actually working. Unfortunately my little digital broke beards ago and I have never managed to get another!
We have our first Novice dressage test next week. Im still trying to learn it, but i have been teaching it to Jo (she is gonna kick my butt with Colin!).

Today I'm meeting Jo at the bottom of the bridle path and then we are riding on from there. So we shall see what todays hack brings!

Lisa had found her horse too! We had to return Zizzle to her owner as she just wasn't suitable for hacking with Adam. She was a little to handy with her hind legs and had a tendency to nap.
So the past few months we have been looking. First one we went to see didn't have a sound leg on it! Then the second, the owner failed to tell us until the last moment that it had COPD.  Of course we where just looking for a loan, and usually horses are up for loan for a reason!
BUT! Lisa has been friends with Jo's step sister for years. She had a few children and really lost her confidence so brought a lovely 16hh school master. He's called Baxter, and should be joining Adam very soon! Lisa loves him!