Sunday, 16 March 2014

16th March - Hacking beautifully, cantering in fields and dressage.

Wow! What a weekend! I have finally sat down on the sofa for the first time... phew!
Things are going in the right direction. 
On saturday I met Jo again at the bottom of the bridle path and went for a hack with her. She took us for a good canter through a few fields which involved very narrow gates (I didn't canter through those!) and new unfamiliar fords. He didn't stick his head between his knees and fling me into space this time, just cantered happily up the hill.

Just before whizzing up the hill!

I then hacked with Baxter (our new boy) around the village today. He walked in front 99.9% of the way . We had a tractor moment going out of the drive, but nothing dramatic. 

Adam having his 30 min Equilibrium massage before his hack and dressage. 
Best wake up Adam! Work to do!

We then had our dressage test! This is our first party (although he was at home) since July 2013, and with my confidence issues it was a challenge for me. 
I rode Prelim 12 and Novice 27. I wouldn't of even dreamt of riding a Novice test 6 months ago but I do feel like we are getting somewhere. We managed 62.2% in the Prelim - finishing 3rd and 58.8 in the Novice - finishing joint 1st with Jo! 
Very pleased mother! I was nervous today, I haven't been put under pressure with him in this sort of situation for a while, so it was a good test for both of us.

Now to study my scores and comments and keep working hard!