Monday, 24 March 2014

March 22nd 2014. The start to our show season

Today was d-day for Adam - would he behave and cope with his first showing show post kissing spine op?

Well the answer was yes, and he returned to the show ring with a bang. 
The venue was Tall Trees Arena in Davidstow - Cornwall. They have a huge massive outdoor school, and two indoor schools. The showing classes where in the smaller of the two indoors and the show-jumping was next door. It wasn't quiet, but wasn't too busy. Perfect first party!

He travelled well with Colin and was very relaxed when we arrived. He had his Equilibrium massage pad on for 25mins whilst having a munch on his hay and he felt super when I hoped on!
His first class was Best Coloured. I used this as a warm up class - competed against piebalds and skewbalds (I look very silly on my dun but some shows allow it) and he behaved and worked beautifully. We won!
We then continued to win Best Arab/Part Bred/, and best Riding horse/Hunter and returned home with the Champion title. I've never ever felt so proud. 
I had to hold back my tears when the judge was so pleasant and lovely about him. She asked me why I was wearing a neck strap, and I explained briefly what he had been through and she congratulated me on our achievements. She actually asked me to put him in the boot of her BMW :)

She also asked me what my plans where - I was unsure at this point, as i wasn't sure how he was going to cope with a quiet show, let alone making any more plans. She encouraged me to push ourselves and show his ability as a show hack/riding horse. Thought he had real potential. So nice to hear after everything we have been through. 

So my plans now are -
  • Continue working on my dressage tests and improve my marks.
  • Hopefully affiliate him by the summer.
  • Compete at Liskeard show.
  • Qualify for a championship again.
  • Looking for sponsorship to fund my fees.
Equilibriums products have made a huge difference to Adams way of going. He no longer goes a day without having his massage pad and magnetic pad on. I will be writing my full view and full review very soon. So for the people who have been following this - Its a positive outcome!