Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Equilibrium Update

As promised - I'm writing my final post on Equilibrium's massage and magnetic pads.

Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome. His top-line has improved greatly. He's starting to really take shape and look like a horse who works correctly and you wouldn't of guessed he had kissing spine surgery 13 months ago unless I told you! He looks like a different horse.

His ridden work has improved also. He usually has it on for 30 mins before work, either ridden or lunged. If I'm fighting against day light (not easy this time of year) then I pop it on after he's worked whilst I muck out etc. Its fab because you can just leave them to it, its no extra effort to your daily routine. I have a busy lifestyle, and time with Adam is limited during the week because of commuting nearly an hour to work daily, so it really is perfect! Even if he is having the day off, he still has a 30 min massage before bedtime.

His transitions are a lot smoother. He used to hop upwards into the transitions (especially walk to trot, I almost used to dread the first few) because of the tightness over his back, but he seems to be so much more comfortable. That is the main difference I can feel. He's also had a few changes of bit and saddle flocking recently, so I think it's all making a difference.

The battery life is good. It says you should get around 6 full 30 min massages out of it - I think I'm actually managing more than that. Its really easy to charge and the battery lets you know its ready by switching the red light off.

The Magnetic Pad is also a fab product. He has it on over night whilst he is stabled - then has a break from it whilst he is out. I have the magnets placed down the front and back of the pad as that's usually where he gets a little sore. I'm very careful not to over rug him as the back pad seems to keep him really warm. The fit is perfect for him, really easy to adjust the straps and it doesn't allow you to tighten the breast strap too tight (could become tricky for him to eat off the floor with it too tight!)

For a horse who is rather sensitive in his back now, he familiarised with the sensation of the massage pad very quickly. By his 3rd massage, he was shutting his eyes and enjoying it. He was a little unsure to begin  with - but soon relaxed!
If anyone with a horse with kissing spine or rehabbing kissing spine horses is looking into buying either one of these products, I highly recommend both. They are good value for money, well manufactured and a well known brand.
The materials are fantastic, strong and durable. The surcingle clips are heavy duty, and unlikely to break unless you jump up and down on them.

I'm very impressed and glad I purchased such a fantastic product which is benefiting my boy.