Friday, 4 April 2014

4th April 2014 - Relaxed and Dressage at the weekend

I have had a busy week with family, and haven't had time to write any posts :(

But hopefully I am now back on track!
This week has been going well. During the weekend I had a little jumping lesson with Jo which was fairly entertaining. He loves it! Gets a little too keen and strong, but they where only tiny ;)
We then went for a hack on Sunday morning in the sunshine which was lovely :) He was fabulous, and we don't seem to think that I need much more help with my hacking now.

He had 2 days off and then I hacked him again on Wednesday, and he was 100%. So relaxed, walked around the block for me perfectly and I came home with a massive grin on my face :D
It really does show that with time, persistance and drive, you can achieve everything!

So we have Dressage tomorrow (Saturday) and we are doing Prelim 13 and Novice 27. It is at Colraine Equestrian Centre. Feeling slightly wobbly about it as he hasn't been there before, and neither have I, so all very new.
He is schooling well though, and seems to be so relaxed and chilled about life.
Plaiting and cleaning tack tonight!!

Late night checks. Squinty Scaddy!!

Bliss :)

We are now sending out letters for sponsorship, So if anyone has any fabulous ideas to help Adam and I get to where we want to be, please let me know.