Friday, 15 November 2013

7th October - 15th November. Taken a step back, time for a holiday.

A very over due post.

We have been having some tricky times recently. Adam seems to have gone into slug mode and just doesn't fancy doing anything. It seems that his attitude towards most ridden work has decreased and i seem to be getting more and more disheartened.

So we have decided to take a brake from each other and have some time off. He is currently having two weeks off (very grumpy) and i'm letting him be a horse.

Our schooling hasn't been anything as dangerous as it used to be, but he wont move away from my leg and into the bridle. Respect for my leg has dissapeared and its becoming very fustrating.
He has also decided that spinning infront of cars and then wizzing past them at 100mph is also very fun. I can assure its not. This is in company too!

I've seen my confidence slowly decrease in the past month or so, so something needs to be done!

My plan of action is now:

Allow him to have 2 weeks off to relax.
Start my pessoa and long reining work again.
Have Emily Farleigh down to help me get him back into ridden work for a weekend
Give him another spell of time off so he learns to relax and enjoy his work.

I need to remember that he is now a leisure horse, and no longer needs to be ridden 5-6 days a week. I've always been so strict with myself on how i monitor his exercise and if I didn't exercise him, I'd feel guilty. He is now 13 and a dope on a rope, so i don't think its necessary to make him stale to his work.

So we are both learning to chill.

School downtime :) Enjoying some rare sunshine!