Sunday, 6 October 2013

2nd - 7th October. Zizzle arrives and puffy legs.

Finally back on board and schooling really well.
Physio usually says to hack him in straight lines for a while, but my time is limited due to getting home so late from work now and it getting dark quicker!
But I schooled him yesterday, did some simple lateral movements like counter bend and a little bit of quarter in, and he was perfect! So loose and supple and wasn't phased by the pressure. Then went for a little potter around the fields on the farm which was very vert chilled! Struggled to keep him going in fact.
He has also been clipped (although it seems to have warned up). Just did a trace for now, then will whip it all off when it's cold enough to put a heavier rug with a neck on him.
Only down side atm is that he's on rather good grass and it seems to be making his legs swell up. Which isn't so cool :( so bandaging him up at night, which I'm not sure is doing the job. I think it's the grass....although I have bought him some cider vinegar for his joints and it's making him gobble his food up! Usually isn't bothered by his feed at all!
His new friend kristal (zizzle for short) has arrived. So they are currently getting to know each other. She's conveniently just come into season so she's all over him like a rash :) but automatically he seems more relaxed for having a bit of company. Still being strict with exercise and having to leave each far so good!

Meeting Zizzle for the first time!


  Ignore the large snake on the floor. I think its my beck strap?

Nakey turnout together for the first time :) 

Hair cut time!