Wednesday, 2 October 2013

25th September - 2nd October. Settling in.

So hopefully things are going to improve a little, he had the physio out on Monday...was rather sore which would explain his funny turn a few week backs. Glad I haven't been riding him.
So all treated and ready to rumble, although my tack had gone mouldy so that needs a clean! Rode him briefly this evening with quite a few others in the school, I felt like I wad sat on a time bomb ready to explode. Few leaps in the air and he cracked on with the job eventually. Little terd. Love him all the same!
He's starting to settle into his new home better. Moved paddocks and has gone into his winter routine which seems to be suiting him better.
Some good news, Lisa, my other half, is getting a pony on loan. Lovely little 14hh chestnut mare who's done lots of hacking and had potential to improve in the school, quite a little mover! So Adam will now have something to hold his hoof through life. He needs confidence building with hacking again. I have no idea where I'm going down here, and the fords are not our strong point. Then the other bonus is, he will have someone to go out with and someone to come in with. Although it's getting darker and darker during our walk to the field, so some head torches need to be purchased I feel!
So fingers crossed for little zizzle to settle in and have some fun.

Our new school!

Pink nostrils!