Wednesday, 27 November 2013

15th - 27th November. Devils claw

Things arnt too bad at the moment. Adam has a new farrier who he seemed to like...
He's started his ground work, so far we have lunged twice and long reined once. I started off with the patient, nicey nicey approach, then he jumped about and looked for every excuse in the book to play about...little monkey. So I had to change my approach and worked him very hard indeed! Changing the stride from collected to pushing him on a little...he's really good at listening to my voice, seazes to amaze me sometimes, wish he did that when I was on top!
His devil's claw seems to be doing to trick too. He's no longer bandaged every night and he seems so much more comfortable in canter whilst in the pessoa. He honestly struggled with it before hand...
So I don't feel like I'm throwing my money down the drain too much! For those interested, I've been using James Hart equine solutions. It's not the watered down rubbish, which means I only feed 20ml a day.
Looking into something else at the moment - st John's wort supplement. Apparently good for horses with no get up and go or enthusiasm for work (adam)...always been like it, just sometimes would be nice to not have to ride a donkey (who will find most excuses to play around, even though he doesnt have many excuses anymore).
It's well know for it's healing properties after stressful situations or trauma too, so will keep you posted on that!
Over and out :)