Saturday, 16 March 2013

8th - 16th March. Started lunging.

Been a tricky week this week!
The weather teased me with pleasant sunshine last week, then is bleddy snows again! so Sunday and monday where unbearabley cold! I still managed to get him walked, but not as much as i should of done. It was so windy on the roads that i had to take him in the school rugged up to the eye balls so he didn't get chilly!
But still, even in high winds and snow, he still behaved! good pony! lots of pats!
Towards the end of the week, it started to warm up a bit and i managed to crack on with his last week of walking. Managed to get him walked for an hour but haven't managed to turn him out yet :(
Although the weather is better in the daytime, the ground is still really hard as its freezing at night! I need to help my boss put the wooden stakes in the ground for the fencing and we have no chance!

So hopefully soon he will be out, but in the meantime i'm just having to keep him walking.

On Thursday i stuck him on the lunge in the outdoor school. No pessoa, just on the end of a line and let him find his feet. We had a few exciting moments! but nothing that made craters in the surface!

Then friday i lunged him with the pessoa on. I put a thick numnah underneath the roller to make it more comfortable for him, but i think i'm going to get him a girth sleeve bearing in mind that he hasn't had any sort of girth around him since last september! He was so so good! im so bloody proud of him! He had one explosion (i think mainly because the train went past and hooted!) but managed to reserve himself pretty quickly! Oh, and he talks to me whilst im lunging him. such an odd pony!

Overal, I'm really really chuffed.

I have a video to upload, but i can't manage it. Hopefully will figure it out soon!