Friday, 8 March 2013

3rd - 8th March. Extra long chilly walks!

I've had a fab week with my boy this week.
everyone has been commenting on how well he is doing and how well behaved he is!
Its has been alot warmer and more pleasant for him to be walking out (less frisky!)
I don't think i have ever felt so proud of him!

I've been building the walk work up quite a bit this week, by either doing 20 mins on the road and then going in the school for a little while and doing that twice daily. Just having to look out for angry ladies in green fords and the milk lorry! but i've slowly learnt what time the milk lorry comes whizzing round the corner!
I arrive at the yard at 6.45 which i also work at to muck him out, unbandage his hind legs and start walking him by 7am. I usually take him around the triangle which involves uphill and downhill work about 3 times. It depends how much time i have before i have to start work. but if i dont manage to do as much as i like in the morning, i do it in my 2 hour lunch break or after work. Usually he's a little grumpy in the evenings and is ready to be left alone. The yard is a busy riding school and livery yard so he has a lot of visitors and a healthy fan base saying hello to him. Still very wary of men though!

Today i took him for one massive long walk. Mainly to get him away from walking the same boring route or going in the school. So i took him down through the river (which i did running up to his op too) and then the short train block which involved a bleddy huge hill! The calve muscles will be sore tomorrow! He was keen, but very well behaved. I'm so pleased i did lots of ground work with him before hand when i was hanging around waiting for my insurance company to accept my claim. I didn't want our relationship to suffer so kept on with bits and bobs on the ground with him. Also tried a little parelli with him, which he actually responded to quite well!

Also, all week i have been standing on the mounting block next to him on the side i would mount and have been patting, scratching and stuff so he is ok with me being there. No problems at all.

A few photos of him this week :)

 I think his hair is growing back dark because of his dorsal stripe?!

Then a few photos of the stuff i did with him prior to his op. Some being a little silly, but it kept him happy!

Sarah teaching me and Addy some Natural horsemanship.  

And one of my personal favourites. He looks likes he's been tumbled dried in this photo. Sydney (the chestnut i'm on) makes him look tiny!