Saturday, 23 March 2013

17th - 23rd March. Turned out, Finally!

Been exciting recently! Adam is now out (very lightly sedated the first time) i had to make him a 20 x 20 paddock (unravelling the electric fencing was not a fun task) and he has also started his pessoa work!

I've just finished my first week of pessoaing. Last thursday i let him have a potter without the pessoa to see if he was sound and allowed him to let off any steam he had brewing. Not really very exciting, had a buck and a fart, then got on with the job!

So the day after i stuck him in the pessoa. He is pretty grumpy about having the girth done up, but then again he has been ever since i had him on loan! weird thing is, he only makes faces in the stable! take him in the school and he isn't that bothered. Possibly all in his noggin!

I've gradually tightened the settings and started to push him a little more during the sessions towards the end of the week. He has had a few small mad moments, but nothing unbearable! But mostly on the left rein, so have been keeping an eye on that! Although it has improved towards the end of the week.

He has been an angel to turn out, but it should stop bloody raining and stop bloody snowing!