Friday, 28 February 2014


Some exciting news!....
I will be reviewing and writing a running blog post on Equilibrium's massage pad and magnetic pad.
There have been a lot of questions raised as to whether these products will actually benefit our horses.
When I receive my bits in the post, I will keep a diary as to whether I can feel much difference in Adams performance and mentality.

Some people seem to think they help with girthing issues, I can update you on where we are at with that issue!

One thing I'm excited about is if they do really make him feel more comfortable. He is a very sensitive horse who likes to pretend that everything offends him, especially with people he doesn't know. If you have been reading my blog right from the very start (I like to think some of you do) then you will also know that Adam had and sometimes still does have behavioral issues. If you wanted a sensitive horse to try these products on, then he is your man!

So we shall see, and I promise to keep you all updated :)

I've spent so much time on their website!

Massage Pad -

  • Clinically proven to promote relaxation and improve back flexibility.
  • Can help to increase stride length.
  • Each massage session lasts for 30 minutes; it strokes, vibrates and oscillates, stimulating the muscles.
  • There are three different settings:
  • Low - To cool down after exercise
  • Medium - To warm muscles prior to exercise
  • High - To help alleviate back problems.
  • The battery lasts for at least six sessions and recharges in a few hours, using the portable charger.
  • DID YOU KNOW? MAGNETIC THERAPY can help to increase the speed of healing when treating specific back conditions. Combined use of the Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad overnight and the Massage Pad once a day can help to maintain a healthy back.
Magnetic back pad -

  • Strong, circular, permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences
  • Alternate poles increase electric charge in cell membrane improving the cell's ability to regenerate
  • 700 Gauss strength to penetrate tissue
  • Flat, slim and flexible to avoid pressure sores
  • Protected inside waterproof pillow packs for easy washing
  • Magnets stick easily to any part of the inner lining