Friday, 28 February 2014

18th - 28th February - Hacking is finally getting better!

We have now managed a hack on our own! Trotted straight to the main road, crossed twice with passing traffic.
Rode through two fords which he didnt argue about AT ALL! To be completely honest, he was a total angel! I came down the drive beaming from ear to ear! So thats my hightlight of this week :)

We have our dressage test coming up fairly soon. We are attempting our first ever Novice test so should be interesting!

Our first hack alone (successful one) since I moved to Cornwall.

Very tired pony after hacking!

Sandy nose after a roll in the school!

Looking very cute as usual.

Also, i have ditched the devils claw for the moment. He has been bare foot behind for most of the winter as his turnout and exercise has been limited. He is having a full set put back on today now i'm managing to hack a little more, but hes not comfortable somedays on his hocks.  So we are now trialing Cortaflex. I'm sure he will also feel more comfortable hacking when he's fully shod :)