Friday, 14 February 2014

2nd - 14th Febuary - Rain, rain and more rain :(

Oh and plus loads of gales!

I'm sure most of you have realised how windy and rainy it has been. I'm very fortunate to have an indoor school and lovely strong stabling for Adam. I truly feel for people who don't have a warm,dry haven for their animals at the moment.

I haven't managed to hack recently due to the weather, its been raining violently for 2 weekends running and Adams side seems to have rubbed off by my left gaiter :( So need to get it fixed and wait for it to heal. In the mean time he has been pessoaed and turned out in the school for a roll.

I don't have alot to update as nothing much as happened. Apart from getting very very wet.

We are not on the look out for our perfect little companion/riding horse for Lisa. She has been left some money by her Nan to buy a new  horse, so fingers crossed we will find something for her to enjoy.

Adam has really changed shape in the past few weeks so I have booked the saddle fitter to come and see him next friday. Ive also been mega organized and booked the dentist for June.

Wrapped up cosy and warm :)

His poor side, waiting for it to heal!

Enjoying some downtime in the school. Rare dry 5 mins! 

Having a chat with his friend 'Steve' in the mirror...