Sunday, 2 February 2014

11th Jan - 2nd of Feb - A year since his op

Since my last post, quite alot has changed.
His schooling is going well. I'm working towards a novice 27 test in March so I have a goal.
His hacking on the other hand started to get a bit silly....I didn't want to go out in company or on my own. I was too afraid to push his buttons and ask him questions that I knew he would challenge.
I've had a local lady come out with me on her big horse Colin. Firstly she came to see him in the stable and school. Addressed a few dominance issues on the floor, but was impressed with him riding in the school.
Her horse Colin is awesome. Nice big bag stallion who is slightly weary of Adam!
We have been educating his brain to move forward and go infront. Even if he's just ever so slightly in front of the other horse. He puts up a fight, and it's bloody knackering but he is getting there. She's helping me get him through the Ford and our last attempt was sort of successful with him walking through half of the Ford in front. That was a good start :-)
He's also done a bit of jumping recently. He used to refuse to jump and was terrible. He totally loves it now and gets very excitied! I'm now learning to ride him all over again in this sphere as it's like riding a different horse! Only been jumping little, but it's a good start for us :)
The help and support I have from people had been amazing over the past year.
It was a year on 21st January that he traveled to breadstone for his op, and it has honestly gone so so quickly. So for you people who have just had your horse oporated on, enjoy the extra time you are spending with your horse! Keep positive and give yourself regular chill out sessions. It's pretty hardcore!
I've added a few photos of his scar from when he first came home and then a few from the following weeks/months.
Oh also, physio has been and she's pleased with his muscle development and no spinal pain. Yipeeeeee!

                                 First time I removed his dressing myself. very sore skin :(

Getting really manky. Very clean but really peely! I massaged aloe-vera gel into his skin to soothe it every few days

Hair is starting to grow back but he was also malting like mad at this point and was sticking to the glue where his dressing was.  

Side profile. 

All sticking together nicely and growing some summer coat (the golden bits in the middle!)