Saturday, 15 June 2013

4th - 15th June. Feeling wobbly.

These past two weeks have been interesting...We have achieved alot but also feel like i have taken a few steps back at the same time.

The grass he is currently on is very rich for him, it hasn't been grazed since last september so its full of goodness. He is looking well, feeling very well and hes pretty fit!

I've hacked him alone a good handful of times. Still happy to walk out the yard without having any arguments, hes very very forward going! Even took off with my down the track, bloody little devil!
I've now schooled him twice, the first time being rather entertaining due to a massive leap off all fours sending me a metre into the air and landing back in the saddle again (Thank you Adam) but we did finish the schooling session off with a canter on both reins which i was pleased about!

second schooling session was a success. He was less spooky and really buckled down and got on with the job. Lottie kindly gave me a 30 min lesson to help myself and his confidence. Need to learn to work as a team together again and forget about what he is capable of doing. Mentally we are still a little wobbly!

Another little change, he is now on Top Spec calmer to help take the edge off him a bit. Seems to be working and he is a little more settled!

Not many photos as i've been so so busy....