Tuesday, 4 June 2013

24th May - 4th June. Moving time.

Lots of things have changed...!

Adam has been hacking alone well, enjoyed taking him out so much! he has become so much braver and really tries when he is generally terrified. Started with just walk work on a long relaxed rein, and then putting the pressure on up the hills and asking for a contact.

I've had him at my work place for the past year, but as i'm due to move on from where i am, i have now moved him to a private DIY livery yard.
Really lovely yard and surrounded by friends which is the best part! I moved him on the saturday and then spent the whole day pottering and cleaning/organising everything (always find an excuse to organise!) The yard has two other horses, a lovely little stable block and a well maintained school. As Adam has started to put on condition again, the owner kindly topped my field before he arrived so i didn't have a massive bloater on my hands!

I havent got any photos of him there yet, but he hasn't been there long!
But he's had a gander in the school, hacked twice in company and is still maintaing his forwardness which im really chuffed about! soon will take him out on my own which will be the ultimate test!

Some recent photos of him at his old yard...

 Finally turned out with no rug! yipeeeee!!

 My little pocket rocket!