Thursday, 17 April 2014

10th - 18th April 2014 - Hunter Trial and more sunshine!

So - incase you all thought I died during the hunter trial. I live to tell the tale.
I came home in one piece and very pleased with my chap.

He has never even attended such event, let alone compete in one.
I was feeling juuuust a little bit nervous and to top it off - some of my straps for my 5 point breast plate where missing. Fail on my behalf for not checking it before we left. So we made some odd contraption that would be my life line for the next hour or so. As well as my best friend - my neck strap.

He warmed up well. Really relaxed - he much prefers an open space rather than a school. Takes the pressure off a bit. I had the confidence to really open him up and give him a good blast.
Warm up fence was a challenge. But eventually got there following Colin.
Once he locks onto a fence and wants to go, god he gives a fantastic feeling! Really keen!
Its just getting him to it in the first place...

First fence was interesting - got left in the start box haha!
We then got very very lost which resulted in the commentator trying to help us (I don't even remember hearing him saying anything, actually didn't even realise he was there) and mentioning that we where having "A jolly good time" ha!
eventually made it over some fences and whether they where the right fences or not didn't really matter - we where defiantly disqualified by now!
But - I did get him over the ditch first attempt which I am pleased about. And he went straight into the water, but missed the fence after it - probably something to do with me being so pleased about the water and day dreaming.

It was a very funny 10 mins - and I cannot wait to take him again.
For a horse which isn't the easiest to introduce to new things, I think he did ok!
Will be taking him schooling next :)

Setting off to warm up!

Probably the best photo of the day