Monday, 3 March 2014

March 3rd - First play with our Equilibrium Massage Pad!

I nearly burst with excitement today when my Equilibrium bits arrived.
I literally couldn't wait to get back to the yard to try it. I charged it up at work ready too haha!

I watched the little video on how to use it first in my lunch brake so i knew how to put it all on -

I didn't tie him up, just looped his lead rope through the string so if he panicked, it would slip through.
I couldn't quite manage the straps and holding him all at the same time!

He wasn't really fussed, made a few confused faces but with some reassurance he soon got used to it.
Seemed a little tense in the neck to begin with, gave him a sweetie and he really started to just chill :)

Very clever boy! 

He then had it turned on (low setting) and he had a worried face. Didn't fidget, stood very still but felt a little tense.

He did alot of this..."what is that?"

All fixed in and happy! 

I have some videos to upload also, which I will do tomorrow. You can then see how he really reacted. Overall very impressed!

Finished the evening with his magnetic back pad on for the night under his rug :)